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C Pen 2 Text to Speech Exam Reader Assistive Tool for Dyslexia & Learning Differences




Highlight pen over sentences for it to read out loud.  Features: Hear words and lines of text spoken aloud with a clear, human sounding voice.   Scan font size range 6.5 – 22 pt.   Can read colored text.   Built-in speaker and earphone jack.   No Wi-Fi needed.  Rechargeable battery. Interfaces: Uses a standard micro-USB connector for charging and standard 3.5 mm connector for headphones. Comes with headphones, charger & carrying pouch.  Parents’ experiences to consider when purchasing:  1. Children under the age of ten might find it difficult to run the pen across the text at a smooth and steady enough pace to work accurately.  2.  The pen speaks quietly.  This can be remedied with a pair of headphones (the pen does have a standard headphone jack).  3.  The pen needs to be charged nightly if used much during the day.  4. Great for kids who struggle with reading.  Allows more life skills independence.